Review for Phaser course, lesson 1, flappy bird

After going through the lesson, I found a few issues from both the student and trainer sides.

Student Sides
The problem for …

  • Task 1: The task question wasn’t clear.

    1. Should make the question clearer or
    2. set the task type to lesson task or
    3. change the verification type to trainers verification
  • Task 4: The system reported a bug issue if we set the player to “shark”

    1. Should add another answer for setPlayer(“shark”)
  • Task 16
    The score incrementation was a bit weird. When the bird passed the first obstacle, the score sometimes will increment to 2 and sometimes works like normal. This the link for the screen recording
    by the way, I was a bit frustrated cause it is so hard to pass to the 2nd obstacle

Trainer Sides

  1. Cannot view the codes for other event handlers like click. This the link for the screen recording

  2. Can’t save the edited code from the trainer side. This the link for the screen recording

thanks @Carol
all noted,
i’ll check the trainer bugs

@Carol trainer sides bugs are resolved.

ok. Will get it test for one more time with another intern


By the i remember there’s one more issue is that if the student resubmit the task that is being rejected, the status of the task should become pending. But in phaser, it wasn’t change.

I use task 6 to check for this issue

noted, I’ll have a check on that.

Student side problem for task 1 and 4 is solved :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

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