Course: Phaser / Lesson1 -Flappy Bird

  1. Task 4 - Functions were not working (change shape to “shark” and background image to “underwater”)

  1. Task 17 - I don’t know exactly what they want me to do. (2)
The video is buggy. When I click the video to pause it, the video pause for a second and plays back automatically (3)
Task 2…cant submit

@intern7650 @Daniel_Baek please give me your cubie student id


my id is qb2015.

@Daniel_Baek @intern7650
please check now, should be fine.

Task 1 video is not available. I can see gray screen instead of the video. I tried running the code nothing turns up (Resolve after changing the DNS)

Task 2…im geting error when I run the code (Resolved issue was with the semicolon)

The score increment is incorrect

Variable tab can only be seen after fullscreen

@nasrin for task 4 phaser, setPlayer("shark ") is not accepted. Have checked with @v1rus96 too and he says this task has 6 answer set.

Please check on this. thanks

scroll the events tab to see variables event

This issue is solved :heavy_check_mark:


@nasrin how do mean by scroll… I tried it by it’s not working :sweat_smile:

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@nasrin we manage to figure out the scrolling part it is working. But it will only work for those who are using modern laptop. Those who are using computer will not get to scroll.

Hi @Carol @nasrin , i still have this issue. It doesn’t accept when I input shark.

In the question, it says to create the score variable inside “variable” . But in the hint it says to put it in the “pass obstacle”, hence confused a little bit.

Issue with content - Task 1.
The question has clear instructions to use “city-day” and “yellow” while the video says we can choose the background and character. This makes the instructions unclear.

Still having this issue as well. Question does not accept “shark”.

@intern7650 the score increment is resolved

Each video has 2-3 tasks. Every step which begins with the video just needs to run code as states in the task. Following tasks is trying different stylings. Last Task 17 kids can use all of the mentioned options to build their own version of the game.