codea04N001 - Step 0, Issues with content

Drawing lecture is missing, The question says to draw a corner as the image but no image is shown.

Lecture video tab repeating .

Task 3, is blank. Not sure if there should be some code already there like in previous tasks?

Task 7, the top interior angle is labelled 63 degrees instead of 117 degrees. The exterior angle is 63 degrees. The hint also says that we need to calculate the last angle but it is not needed.

Lecture video tab repeating bug has been fixed.

Task 18, 104 degrees is not the angle in the middle of the V, but the angle it needs to turn. Same with 26.6 degrees.

And theres a typo in the instruction

Prefer if the question provide the length for K and M

Prefer if the angle for N and X are given

Task 17… Fullscreen drawing not displaying and the lecture image is missing too. Plus the indentation changes after I go to fullscreen